Finding Hidden WIP

Jim BensonExpert3 Comments

Limiting Work in Process (WIP) is not easy. Our work is largely invisible, which means it’s hard to notice. It creeps up on us. Well, heck, it’s invisible, it just walks right up – bold and unabashed. It doesn’t have to sneak – we’re simply blind to it. Then, one day, we notice it is there. Over the last three … Read More

Jim BensonFinding Hidden WIP

How To: Setting Your Personal WIP Limit

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There are only two rules in Personal Kanban. Visualize Your Work and Limit Your Work in Progress Since there are only two, it stands to reason that they are both important, vital even. When people see the value stream and the stickies, they feel they’ve received clear direction in setting up a Personal Kanban’s visualization. But how to come up … Read More

Jim BensonHow To: Setting Your Personal WIP Limit