Design: The Status Column

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The Problem: Sometimes we are waiting to hear the status of something. That status could come at any time and from any type of communication (email, phone, mention in the hallway, etc.). But we are waiting. If we wait too long, not knowing will cause us problems – but waiting isn’t a task. We lose track of time and suddenly we are under the gun.

The Solution: Build the Personal Kanban to specifically track status items and let us know when they require action.

The Narrative: We’ve all been there. That day when someone says to us, “How’s that thing going?” and we realize “Oh crap! I don’t know!” Then we have to scramble to find out.

Someone else or some group of “someone elses” are responsible to getting something done, but it directly impacts us. We can’t call them every day and say, “Are you done yet?” because that’s micromanaging. But we do need to have an idea of where they are at.

At Modus, we’ve found specifically calling out items we are waiting for status on (things outside our group and therefore not on our Personal Kanban) allows us to treat them as potential tasks. If someone reports in on time, it simply moves to DONE and never required us to act. If it sits too long, then it becomes a task.


Jim BensonDesign: The Status Column

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