Prioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

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Prioritization is stressful. We find ourselves prematurely making value decisions about what to pull and when (right now!)

In our Gold Call* this week, one of the attendees asked “How can I prioritize my work when there is no clear priority? Everything seems equally important?”

This is a deeper issue that simply being indifferent…we are constantly worried (like stressed) about what the best thing is for us to do next. If we make the wrong choice, what might the consequences be?

Extreme stress might result when we simply don’t know what is most important. At that point, we need to start asking other questions about the work. Is it difficult? Is it going to make me happy? Does it involve other people?

This video digs into those issues. In my next post, because choice is not a simple topic, we will go into other ways to select work.  (Also, look at the links below this video for more Personal Kanban posts on prioritization.)

*Every two weeks out Gold Personal Kanban class members have a one hour chat about what we’re working on, how the are working with Personal Kanban, and challenges they are facing. The students, as well as Tonianne and I, work to solve those challenges. They are fun, engaging, and helpful conversations.

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Jim BensonPrioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

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