I’m Having A Creative Emergency

Jim BensonUncategorized2 Comments

It can happen.

It does happen.

We are being good Personal Kanbaners, we are limiting our WIP. Suddenly we have a burst of inspiration and we just HAVE to get something done.

Should we do it? Should we blow our WIP and jump into this new task that has set our mind ablaze?

The answer is … maybe yes.

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Jim BensonI’m Having A Creative Emergency

2 Comments on “I’m Having A Creative Emergency”

  1. Pat

    I’ve seen some examples of Kanban boards including a concept of an “Expedite” column (generally with a WIP of 1) that’s reserved for high-urgency tasks that come up when our regular WIP is full. Would you advocate that approach here?

    1. Jim Benson

      Yes, this would be similar to an expedite .. it’s something that is interrupting your flow, but you are giving it the importance or urgency to do so.

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