Visualize Your Past

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It’s New Years again and time to take stock of things in our lives. As we know, the two rules of Personal Kanban are to Visualize Your Work and Limit Your Work-In-Progress (WIP). One of the most important factors in limiting or controlling our WIP is understanding our work – this includes appreciating our work, when we’ve completed it, and … Read More

Jim BensonVisualize Your Past

Personal Kanban & Some Goodies About Your Brain

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Sharing some thoughts around my weekly homework from my neuroscience studies Knowledge work is all about attention. Unfortunately that is a scarce resource, easily high jacked by any distraction. Multitasking, i.e. using focused attention on two different targets basically does not exist. What you are able to do is to do a lot of things on autopilot (i.e. walking, breathing, … Read More

adminPersonal Kanban & Some Goodies About Your Brain

Take the RealWIP Test

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If you are already using Personal Kanban or another kanban system, you are likely at least thinking about limiting your work-in-progress (WIP). You are likely finding that challenging. We know that the more work we take on, the more our brains’ resources are taxed. That tax limits our ability to focus, to process, and to complete quality work. We want … Read More

Jim BensonTake the RealWIP Test

READY COLUMN: Breaking Out Projects

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Lots of tickets in our READY column make a jumbled mess. We’re not sure how close we are to completion or what ticket to pull next, Breaking your work into projects in the READY column lets you see both. You can sequence work (pull the rightmost ticket), see how many tickets are left in the project, and see what projects … Read More

Jim BensonREADY COLUMN: Breaking Out Projects

READY COLUMN: Ticket Aging

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In our last post, we discussed a NEW STUFF column. In this post, we are being even more explicit, noting in our Personal Kanban how old tickets on the board are. We have seen, even on our own boards, that tickets can linger on the board for six months, eight months, even a year! That’s simply too much time. What … Read More

Jim BensonREADY COLUMN: Ticket Aging

THE NEW STUFF COLUMN: What’s Just Come in?

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Is your READY column filling up with tasks? Is it hard to figure out what’s new, what’s important, and what’s aging? One option to deal with this is a NEW STUFF column. This column holds exactly what it says: New work that has come in over the last few days. As new work comes in, simply place those tickets in … Read More

Jim BensonTHE NEW STUFF COLUMN: What’s Just Come in?

PROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

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When we get overloaded, it is very easy to promise people work and then under-deliver. Promises are tricky, they bring with them social costs as well as costs for time and effort. When I promise something to you personally, I am putting myself on the line. I am telling you, “because you are important to me, I will do this … Read More

Jim BensonPROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

Finding Hidden WIP

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Limiting Work in Process (WIP) is not easy. Our work is largely invisible, which means it’s hard to notice. It creeps up on us. Well, heck, it’s invisible, it just walks right up – bold and unabashed. It doesn’t have to sneak – we’re simply blind to it. Then, one day, we notice it is there. Over the last three … Read More

Jim BensonFinding Hidden WIP

Finishing Feels Good

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Yes, finishing feels good. When we complete tasks, we feel better than when we have a pile of incompletes just lying around. Incompletion creeps up on us, overloads us, and crushes us. The more we fail to complete our work or realize our goals, the more susceptible we are to hopelessness, doubt, and fear. So … completion would seem to … Read More

Jim BensonFinishing Feels Good

Doing GTD Kanban Style #3

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This is the third post of a three-part guest series on Doing GTD Kanban Style, by Pascal Venier. After 7 years of implementing GTD, I have discovered Personal Kanban by chance and I have found that it offered an elegant solution to the nagging problems, I described in my previous post. Personal Kanban is a lean pattern which is as … Read More

Jim BensonDoing GTD Kanban Style #3