Complete Meaningful Tasks

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The Musing Our work should provide value to someone or something, otherwise why do it? When we build our Personal Kanban, we are building a board that drives us toward completing our work. But is that work worth doing? val·ue noun the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. person’s principles or standards … Read More

Jim BensonComplete Meaningful Tasks

Visualize Your Past

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It’s New Years again and time to take stock of things in our lives. As we know, the two rules of Personal Kanban are to Visualize Your Work and Limit Your Work-In-Progress (WIP). One of the most important factors in limiting or controlling our WIP is understanding our work – this includes appreciating our work, when we’ve completed it, and … Read More

Jim BensonVisualize Your Past

PROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

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When we get overloaded, it is very easy to promise people work and then under-deliver. Promises are tricky, they bring with them social costs as well as costs for time and effort. When I promise something to you personally, I am putting myself on the line. I am telling you, “because you are important to me, I will do this … Read More

Jim BensonPROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

Two Goals Quickly Visualized

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I realized that I had fallen off the writing wagon. I had become a non-writer. That was really bothering me. I sat down several times to write blog posts and wrote portions of them or huge rambling missives that went nowhere. Soon it became clear that I needed a goal and to visualize it. It was pretty simple really. It … Read More

Jim BensonTwo Goals Quickly Visualized

Finishing Feels Good

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Yes, finishing feels good. When we complete tasks, we feel better than when we have a pile of incompletes just lying around. Incompletion creeps up on us, overloads us, and crushes us. The more we fail to complete our work or realize our goals, the more susceptible we are to hopelessness, doubt, and fear. So … completion would seem to … Read More

Jim BensonFinishing Feels Good

Dominant and Secondary Projects

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At Modus we now have a posted, dominant project at all times. We post it as a large sticky on the wall. This is the banner saying “If you pull something and have any choice whatsoever, pull it from this backlog.” This giant kanban token conveys our current organizational focus and promotes completion of that project. Only when something is … Read More

Jim BensonDominant and Secondary Projects

Categorizing Your Backlog

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Your backlog is hope. Your backlog is pain.   Your backlog holds all the projects, tasks, demands, desires, and expectations you have and the world has for you. The problem is, today’s apparent emergencies are tomorrow’s waste-of-my-time. If we are focused on completion, we don’t want to complete tasks. We want to complete products. If you find you are completing … Read More

Jim BensonCategorizing Your Backlog

Completing Projects and Building Confidence with Kidzban

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When I first started using Personal Kanban the one thing that excited me immediately was how much I wanted to use it with my daughter and at home with my family. And so my journey began.  At the time my daughter was 11 and continuing her religious education preparing to become confirmed.  There was so much she needed to get … Read More

Jim BensonCompleting Projects and Building Confidence with Kidzban

Preschool + Personal Kanban = Kidzban Success

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After teaching in the 4 & 5-year-old student preschool class for many years, the last year I taught I became a teacher in the 3-year-old student classroom.  While excited, I knew it would be a challenge when setting up my classroom because many of these students would not know how to read or would have a very limited sight word … Read More

Jim BensonPreschool + Personal Kanban = Kidzban Success

The ABC’s of Personal Kanban in the Classroom

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Personal Kanban in the classroom is one area that I am highly passionate about.  Why? I have seen it in action, first-hand in the preschool classroom.  As a teacher it is exciting when your students are excited about learning. The first Personal Kanban we introduced at preschool was an ABC’s Kanban.  We used this for 26 weeks, each week introducing … Read More

Jim BensonThe ABC’s of Personal Kanban in the Classroom