You’re In My System: Lean Muppets Post 5

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Gonk and Geefle Build a Collaborative System This one might seem a little blatant, but Geefle and Gonk are doing more than simply dividing labor – they are systems thinking in action. Initially, the system is every Snooian for himself.  The trees provide fruit and feeding  should be a solo endeavor. Unfortunately for Geefle and Gonk though, Darwin apparently skipped … Read More

Jim BensonYou’re In My System: Lean Muppets Post 5

Mozart’s Record Store: Personal Kanban Anti-Pattern 2: Only One Value Stream

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  I will not be accused of burying the lead here and say right up front: Your Value Stream Is Wrong And it always will be. This is a good thing, as we work from day to day the steps we take to complete work subtly or even violently change. When we move from home to work to a special … Read More

Jim BensonMozart’s Record Store: Personal Kanban Anti-Pattern 2: Only One Value Stream

How To: Mapping Your Value Stream

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When we build our kanban – whether for ourselves or for a team – we first need to build a value stream. A value stream is simply a list of the steps you take to create value. When we build a kanban, work flows along the value stream and this visualizes our flow. Before We Begin There are some quick … Read More

Jim BensonHow To: Mapping Your Value Stream

Complex Lives Pt 1: Jessica’s Future In Progress

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Ready –> Doing –> Done Life presents us with opportunities, and so we’ve no choice but to take on concurrent projects. Unfortunately they don’t always conform to that simple Ready –> Doing –> Done value stream. Last month I was in San Francisco giving lectures on Personal Kanban at Stanford and Keller. My host for the trip was my good … Read More

Jim BensonComplex Lives Pt 1: Jessica’s Future In Progress

When Good Tasks Go Bad

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Yesterday we were introduced to Richard, who is juggling the demands of several clients trying to keep each of them happy. His largest project entails working alone on a client’s mission-critical legacy system. So in the last blog post we discussed his tasks and task types. As we discovered, outlining those task types proved invaluable to him when needing to … Read More

Jim BensonWhen Good Tasks Go Bad