Flow, Cadence, Slack, and Stress: Lean Muppets Post 7

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Scooter Reduces Cycle Time to Rowlf’s Breaking Point Here we find Rowlf singing Coleman and Fields’ “It’s Not Where You Start, It’s Where You Finish.” He sings at a comfortable rate and all is well. Scooter then tells him he needs to do it again, but this time a little faster. So Rowlf turns on the juice, hits more of … Read More

Jim BensonFlow, Cadence, Slack, and Stress: Lean Muppets Post 7

Slack: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 3

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Slack. The word conjures up images of slothfulness, of days spent lazying about in a seaside hammock beneath the fronds of a blowing palm tree. But relaxation is not necessarily sloth. Just because someone or something appears to not be fully utilized is not an indication of their disutility. Consider the belts in your car’s engine. In order to operate … Read More

Jim BensonSlack: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 3

What If I Had A Slack Card?

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“All things in moderation, including moderation.” ― Mark Twain In yesterday’s post, you may have noticed that we have a “Slack Card” in our Personal Kanban for the day. The problem we, like most people, were having was this: Productivity feels good. The Zone feels good. But productivity and the zone can lead to burnout. Just like Pomodoro includes rests … Read More

Jim BensonWhat If I Had A Slack Card?

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