5s in Personal Kanban

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Introduction Personal Kanban is a great tool to visualize your work, to limit your WIP and to take better control of your life, either alone or together with your significant other, your kids or even your team at the office. In contrast to industrial Kanban, in Personal Kanban, the items contained in the value stream are often less defined and … Read More

Jim Benson5s in Personal Kanban

Getting “Personal” with Your Kanban

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  So why call it “personal” if I can use it with my family, in the classroom, or with a team at the office? In life and in business, we create value.  For Personal Kanban, “personal”  relates to  personal value.  Personal Kanban tracks and visualizes items of personal value – tasks, work, and goals. Industrial-style kanban – as it was … Read More

TonianneGetting “Personal” with Your Kanban

Kanban is Workipedia

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A wiki is a website anyone can edit. A kanban is a workflow anyone can edit. A wiki entry is always able to be improved upon. A kanban card is always able to be refined. In wikis, there is a constant reification of ideas. In kanban, there is a constant reification of work. In wikis, incorrect information is identified by … Read More

Jim BensonKanban is Workipedia