Rapture – Training Your Mind for Completion

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Don’t strain your brain, paint a train You’ll be singing’ in the rain… – Blondie Your brain is a muscle. As we repeat certain actions, our “muscle memory” becomes comfortable with those actions, and programs itself to anticipate them. As it trains itself to anticipate them, it optimizes for them. This is the basis of kaizen, continuous improvement. Your brain … Read More

Jim BensonRapture – Training Your Mind for Completion

Tools Talk: Julia Child Understood the Nature of Work

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While expertise, good humor, humanity, and care are words that immediately come to mind when describing Julia Child, the iconic chef personified something else – she understood the nature of her work. She recognized the role it played, the value it brought, the actions involved in creating it, and the opportunity costs in choosing certain methodologies over others. That is … Read More

Jim BensonTools Talk: Julia Child Understood the Nature of Work

Retrospectives and Kanban Evolution in Action

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Marc Bless has a great post about his personal scrum board evolving into a personal kanban. His personal retrospectives showed him a need to limit WIP, so he created a special section for WIP, while not losing track of his tasks awaiting the actions of others. Marc Says: After a while I recognized the repeating problem of too many thing … Read More

Jim BensonRetrospectives and Kanban Evolution in Action