What is a Kanban?

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A kanban is a tool to visualize, organize, and complete work. The first official use of kanban can be traced to Taiichi Ohno’s work at Toyota. He needed a way to quickly communicate to all workers how much work was being done, in what state it was, and how the work was being done. His goal was to make work … Read More

Jim BensonWhat is a Kanban?

Kanban is Workipedia

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A wiki is a website anyone can edit. A kanban is a workflow anyone can edit. A wiki entry is always able to be improved upon. A kanban card is always able to be refined. In wikis, there is a constant reification of ideas. In kanban, there is a constant reification of work. In wikis, incorrect information is identified by … Read More

Jim BensonKanban is Workipedia