Two Master Classes with Jim Benson in Warsaw Poland


Jim Benson will be facilitating two master classes in conjunction with the 2015 AgileByExample Conference in Warsaw, Poland.  The two master classes – An Introduction to Lean Work Using Personal Kanban & Root Cause Analysis and Kaizen will be held on October 1st & 2nd.  The master classes are an all-day event.

PattyTwo Master Classes with Jim Benson in Warsaw Poland

Is Your Project in Limbo?

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What happens when we start a project and it is honestly overtaken by events? We start a project in good faith and then, because context changes, we have to set it aside. It’s work-in-progress, so what do we do? The project isn’t done, we will likely come back to it, but it could be weeks or even months before we … Read More

Jim BensonIs Your Project in Limbo?

Finishing Feels Good

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Yes, finishing feels good. When we complete tasks, we feel better than when we have a pile of incompletes just lying around. Incompletion creeps up on us, overloads us, and crushes us. The more we fail to complete our work or realize our goals, the more susceptible we are to hopelessness, doubt, and fear. So … completion would seem to … Read More

Jim BensonFinishing Feels Good

Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2013 Announced

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Join us July 30-31 as Modus Cooperandi will be hosting its third annual Kaizen Camp: Seattle on the beautiful grounds of the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture.  Join Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry as we host our third year of Personal Kanban, continuous improvement, and better work management in Seattle. This event is two days, with wonderful … Read More

Jim BensonKaizen Camp: Seattle 2013 Announced

Small New Years Projects (Cabana Kaizen)

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For those of us who might be sitting in a world of clutter, where a million small tasks have become one daunting one – I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START! – the only way out of that jungle is through. Since every journey begins with a single step – we can only begin by simply beginning. But that first step … Read More

Jim BensonSmall New Years Projects (Cabana Kaizen)

Kaizen Camp: Personal Kanban Conversations Happening Worldwide

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The Kaizen Camp in Seattle was such a success that people around the world and sponsors have requested more and more. So, we’ve launched Kaizen Camp as its own entity. We now have them scheduled for New York, Los Angeles, and Boulder. Tel Aviv, Sydney, Melbourne, and Saigon are in the works. We’re excited to talk about continuous improvement, Personal … Read More

Jim BensonKaizen Camp: Personal Kanban Conversations Happening Worldwide

Kaizen Camp: Seattle–What We Did at Camp

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This year’s Seattle Kaizen Camp was awesome. I loved the range and diversity of the attendees, with people from health care, education, government, software development, and a host of other occupations. We had attendees from college students to C-Level management. We were once again very close to gender parity. And we had people from across the US, as well as … Read More

Jim BensonKaizen Camp: Seattle–What We Did at Camp

Kaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

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Following last year’s excellent “Seattle Lean Camp,” we are now nearing Kaizen Camp:  Seattle 2012. (We did have a name change, so as not to confuse us with another set of camps with the same name.) Kaizen Camp is July 24-25, again at the beautiful Center for Urban Horticulture. Yet again, we have award-winning food trucks catering the event (both … Read More

Jim BensonKaizen Camp: Seattle 2012

5s in Personal Kanban

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Introduction Personal Kanban is a great tool to visualize your work, to limit your WIP and to take better control of your life, either alone or together with your significant other, your kids or even your team at the office. In contrast to industrial Kanban, in Personal Kanban, the items contained in the value stream are often less defined and … Read More

Jim Benson5s in Personal Kanban

Why I’m Excited About Lean Camp

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JUST LET ME LEARN! Hallway conversations are almost always what people peg as their favorite parts of conferences. Yet conferences rarely provide ample space and time for people to have these conversations. When we actually converse with our peers or with the speakers, we learn more and, more importantly, we retain more. We are actively engaged in the learning, rather … Read More

Jim BensonWhy I’m Excited About Lean Camp