Sunk Cost, Loss Aversion, and Cannibalism: Lean Muppet Series Post 3

Jim BensonPrimers3 Comments

After losing an “I” and his tie, this New York baker is ready for Cookie to leave. I cannot count the number of times I, as a consultant, have been called in to diagnose an obvious problem. Cookie Monster…now he has an obvious problem. While we would all like to see many of our current television hosts eaten by monsters, … Read More

Jim BensonSunk Cost, Loss Aversion, and Cannibalism: Lean Muppet Series Post 3

What If I Had A Slack Card?

Jim BensonDesignPatterns, PrimersLeave a Comment

“All things in moderation, including moderation.” ― Mark Twain In yesterday’s post, you may have noticed that we have a “Slack Card” in our Personal Kanban for the day. The problem we, like most people, were having was this: Productivity feels good. The Zone feels good. But productivity and the zone can lead to burnout. Just like Pomodoro includes rests … Read More

Jim BensonWhat If I Had A Slack Card?

Inventory Makes Work

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Lean talks a lot about inventory. A major tenet of Lean is to reduce inventory. Companies that stock up on too much stuff have to maintain that stuff, manage it, and then deal with it when it is no longer useful. This is why companies end up having huge sales at the end of the year – they’ve amassed warehouses … Read More

Jim BensonInventory Makes Work

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