A Leading Indicator–Element #4 of the Kanban

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It seems we’re addicted to metrics. People believe that if you measure something over time, you’ll see patterns in the data and act on them. The problem is that most metrics are lagging indicators. These are metrics that can tell you why something happened, but they rarely warn of things that are happening or are about to happen. While lagging … Read More

Jim BensonA Leading Indicator–Element #4 of the Kanban

A Game Board- Element #3 of the Kanban

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Whether it’s Parcheesi or trading individual stocks, we thrive on games. There are three commonly cited elements for all games: a goal, suspense, and rewards. But most games rely on something even more basic. They have flow – a mixture of structure, story, and events that pull you and peak your interest. As you get caught in the flow of … Read More

Jim BensonA Game Board- Element #3 of the Kanban

Information Radiator–Element #2 of the Kanban

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A Personal Kanban, perhaps more than anything, is an information radiator – a passive device that sits there and broadcasts, endlessly and without judgment, whatever information is on it. I am doing a good job, I am behind, my team is passionate, my team is melancholy, our quality is great, we have  a quality problem, we’re on time, we are … Read More

Jim BensonInformation Radiator–Element #2 of the Kanban

The Shared Story – Element #1 of the Kanban

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In the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West was recognized as irrepressibly evil. For decades, people were very comfortable in her conviction and ultimate death sentence. However, in the book Wicked, Gregory Maguire gave her a backstory that completely transformed how we thought about her.  Maguire saw that she and her evilness might have a bit of … Read More

Jim BensonThe Shared Story – Element #1 of the Kanban

13 Elements Of Kanban

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In the Personal Kanban book, we say that the book is “not your mom.” The book is not telling you what to do – it is focusing more on why. Your Personal Kanban (or your team kanban) is also not your mom, but it is a lot of other things (not that your mom is a thing….).  The kanban tells … Read More

Jim Benson13 Elements Of Kanban

Getting Beyond Done–When to Archive

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“When do I remove tickets from the DONE column?” The short answer is, every week or so, try to have a short retrospective with your team or alone (if you are working by yourself). When you have the meeting, review what’s happened and archive as you do. Some of the tasks in your DONE column will spark introspection, some won’t. … Read More

Jim BensonGetting Beyond Done–When to Archive

Why Not a WIP of One?: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 2

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With only two guiding principles – Visualize your work and Limit your WIP – much of Personal Kanban seems fairly straightforward. But it’s not as obvious as it seems, and there’s actually a lot going on under the hood. Tons, actually. So let’s discuss. We said in the previous post we want to limit our work-in-progress, our “WIP,” and set … Read More

Jim BensonWhy Not a WIP of One?: Why Limit WIP Series, Post 2

PK Basics: Why Limit Your WIP Series, Post 1

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In Personal Kanban we have only two rules. One of them is to limit your WIP. That sounds simple enough. But what does limiting your WIP really imply? This series describes what we mean by “WIP,” why it’s important to limit it, and – with all the competing demands on our time – how we can begin to go about … Read More

Jim BensonPK Basics: Why Limit Your WIP Series, Post 1

How To: Mapping Your Value Stream

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When we build our kanban – whether for ourselves or for a team – we first need to build a value stream. A value stream is simply a list of the steps you take to create value. When we build a kanban, work flows along the value stream and this visualizes our flow. Before We Begin There are some quick … Read More

Jim BensonHow To: Mapping Your Value Stream

Personal Kanban Webinar Friday Feb 18th 11am PST 2pm ET

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The awesome people over at Slideshare were gracious enough to ask us to help launch their new web conferencing product Zipcast. It should come as no surprise that we were honored to be asked and said “yes” immediately. Outside of Twitter and our own web site, Slideshare has been the single most effective tool we’ve found to spread the Personal … Read More

Jim BensonPersonal Kanban Webinar Friday Feb 18th 11am PST 2pm ET