Getting Beyond Done–When to Archive

Jim BensonPrimers2 Comments

“When do I remove tickets from the DONE column?”

The short answer is, every week or so, try to have a short retrospective with your team or alone (if you are working by yourself). When you have the meeting, review what’s happened and archive as you do.

Some of the tasks in your DONE column will spark introspection, some won’t. (Hopefully you don’t have to ponder all your work).

As you discuss the tasks, you can move them into your ARCHIVE where you store completed tasks. Or, if you are so inclined, you can throw them away.

In the video, the ARCHIVE is part of the software. With a physical board you can have your archive be a file folder or a shoebox.

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Jim BensonGetting Beyond Done–When to Archive

2 Comments on “Getting Beyond Done–When to Archive”

  1. Enrique Herrera

    Great video Jim. I usually move my completed task to the archive when the space I have for completed tasks is full, haven´t quite consider the analysis and review of the completed tasks. i will start doing it. Now regarding the archive I have, I´ve found it really useful in determining how my workload is distributed based on the different activities I do. I now know all my activities fall into 5 categories (Projects, Analysis, Reporting, Career Path and Personals). It is expected of me to do more Project and Analysis activities than the other three. When my annual review comes up, I can present this data because it is now visible, assign percentages to each category to view how I´ve been moving throughout this categories and decide if I need to focus my efforts on a specific category. PK has been really useful. Thank you.

  2. Jim Benson

    Thank you Enrique,

    I’ve seen that a lot – people do manage their Personal Kanban spatially. They have “too much work” when they run out of room in their backlog. They clear DONE when it’s full.

    I enjoy watching that happen – watching people think of work as something that takes up space. 🙂


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