Kidzban Around the Web #2

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Around the web people are sharing their experiences with Kidzban.  This is the second post in the series – Kidzban Around the Web.

Joseph Flahiff introduced Kanban to his daughters on a Saturday morning when they had guests arriving at 2pm, and they needed to get chores done before their guests arrived. Joseph states in his Saturday Chores with Kanban Part I  “Normally the girls choose all their chores before they start.”  They were previously using a chores list set up in an excel program.  On this particular Saturday he decided on introducing a Kanban board.

Saturday Chores Kidzban

Take a look at this wonderful video below where Joseph interviews his daughters – JoHanna and Jillian. They discuss the few bumps in the road they encountered and how they tackled their challenges together and why they’d like to use the process again. Joseph’s daughter JoHanna mentioned “There will still be some bumps but not the same ones because we’ve learned from our mistakes.”

“Working with a list we never really felt like we were working together.  We felt like competitors instead of teammates.” – JoHanna

The next Saturday, Joseph’s entire family got into the action even his 3 year old daughter Joy completed tasks on their Kanban.  The Saturday Chores with Kanban Part II highlights another wonderful video below where the girls discuss how they worked together and broke up the chores into smaller tasks so they weren’t so overwhelming. Team work is personified when you hear how all three daughters managed the task of vacuuming the master bedroom together.

When asked what her favorite part of using the Kanban was Jillian stated “The achievement of finishing a chore.”

You can read and view Joseph’s Saturday Chores with Kanban Part I and Saturday Chores with Kanban Part II in their entirety by heading over to his WhiteWater Projects blog.
Videos and photo credit: WhiteWater Projects Blog.

This is the second post in the series – Kidzban Around the Web.  You can read the first post in the series here.

Jim BensonKidzban Around the Web #2

4 Comments on “Kidzban Around the Web #2”

  1. Joseph Flahiff

    another note. I have at times come down stairs after the girls on a Saturday morning, to find them already at work. They put up the board themselves and got busy! DAD BLOWN AWAY!

  2. Tonianne DeMaria Barry

    Having had the good fortune to hear JoHanna’s experiences with kanban first hand at an event, I can say without hesitation she ranks among my favorite Lean “thinkers.”

    Listening to her explain how by visualizing work and limiting work in progress via their kanban board she and her sisters we able to improv both their processes and outcomes is not only inspiring, but a reminder of the value inherent to agency and empowerment, and the role they have in problem solving.

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