Kidzban Around the Web #1

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Around the web people are sharing their experiences with Kidzban.  This is the first post of the series – Kidzban Around the Web.

With families becoming busier and busier it can be overwhelming keeping up with everything we need to accomplish in each day.

Steve Hamilton tackled this problem with his Kidzban.   Steve’s wife was away for 3 weeks, and while she was away he wanted to keep track of their two children’s activities so he decided to set up a Kanban board on the sliding glass door. Steve explains “This is the single most visible space in the entire house — it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.”

Each Sunday they planned out the coming week – homework, activities, practices, etc. The cards were color coded for each child. Every night they would spend a couple minutes planning the next day. That’s when they would move the cards from the top section into the today section.


Jack and Mackenzie

Steve went on to add “We are now one full week in and so far it has been smooth sailing. No missed homework, no missed practices, good meals each night and the house is reasonably clean!”

Please head over to Steve’s Blog to read his Kidzban post in it’s entirety.
Photo credit: Steve’s Blog.

There often are things we don’t get done before we go to bed each night. Tim Wise came up with a perfect solution for his 6 year old son with his Kiddie Kanban: The Going to Bed Kanban Board.

Tim begins by noting “My 6 year old loves responsibility. He loves being able to know what he has to do and getting it done himself.  He does not love when his dad tries to bark commands.”

They decided to write everything that needs to get done before bed on sticky notes and put them on the wall.  A few tasks were – change clothes, take a shower/bath, read a book, brush teeth, learning new prayers, etc.  His son mentioned “This is like a Todo list for bed.” So they labeled the first column TODO. He also said, “We need to be able to tell when I am done.” So they then added a Done column. They added the Doing column so they could see what was being worked on.  After the notes went up his son began rearranging them putting them in order. Tim mentioned to his son that was prioritization.

Tim finishes up by stating “We said some prayers after reading together, and we learned a new one together. ‘Thank you for today. Amen’  So we accomplished learn some new prayers along the way. Unfortunately, we never fit in the bath, so I guess we’ll be stinky together tomorrow.”

You can read the entire Kiddie Kanban: The Going to Bed Kanban Board post on the Agile Dude Blog.

This is the first post in the series – Kidzban Around the Web.  You can read the second post here.

Jim BensonKidzban Around the Web #1

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