Personal Kanban: Integrating Evernote with LeanKit using Zapier

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Continuing our series of Personal Kanban focused integrations for LeanKit, let’s take a look at integrating Evernote with LeanKit. Say you’re in Evernote, and you want to quickly add a card to your personal kanban board in LeanKit.  With this integration, you can simply add “(LK)” to the note title, and BAM! LeanKit card.

As in our other integrations, we’re going to use to connect Evernote and LeanKit.

Create a new “Zap” using the “New Note” trigger from Evernote with the “New -Add Card” action from LeanKit.

Creating a new Zap trigger from Evernote

Zapier will prompt you to authorize your Evernote account:

Authorizing Your Evernote Account

After setting up your LeanKit and Evernote accounts,

Set up LeanKit Evernote Accounts

You can now configure the trigger for evernote. I chose to add a filter on the note title. In any notebook, I can add “(LK)” to the note title and have a LeanKit card created for that note. I could have chosen other options here, and you may decide you’d like it to work differently. For exaple, you could create a separate notebook in Evernote, and just have all notes from that notebook get added to LeanKit as cards. Or you could use the “tags” in evernote instead of the title, like I did.

Now configure the LeanKit fields, including the Evernote Title in the LeanKit Card Title field.

Configuring LeanKit Fields Evernote Title and LeanKit Card Title

I also added the Evernote “URL” field to the LeanKit Description field, to provide me with a link back to the original note.

Adding Evernote URL field to LeanKit description field

So, to test this, create a new note in Evernote, with “(LK)” in the note Title:

Creating a New Note in Evernote

Then test and name the Zap you’ve created:

Test and Naming the Zap

And you should get a new LeanKit card, as shown below:

New LeanKit card

You can also see the URL to the original note included in the description of the LeanKit card:

URL to the original note included in leanKit card


This is the third post in the series by Chris Hefley of LeanKit showing how to integrate tools many of us use everyday with our Personal Kanban. You can read the previous post – Personal Kanban using Google Calendar, LeanKit and Zapier here.


Jim BensonPersonal Kanban: Integrating Evernote with LeanKit using Zapier

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