GTD & Kanban: Series Overview

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For a long time I have been a Getting Things Done (GTD) advocate in both my personal and professional life, starting from the basics and working my way up to a full blown implementation in various paper and electronic forms over the years.  GTD has been a huge help, yet I have always felt there is something missing in my implementation that helps me better manage prioritisation and focus around work, which led me to explore the use of Kanban as a form of GTD list.  Over a series of posts I intend to explore a number of aspects of GTD and how I have applied Kanban to limit my work in progress, adopt a pull based system, and overall, increase the flow of completed actions in my key areas of focus in life and work:

  1. GTD & Kanban: Similarities, Differences & Synergies Between The Two
  2. GTD & Kanban: Managing The Relationship Between Someday/Maybe & Active Projects
  3. GTD & Kanban: Work In Progress Limiting GTD Next Actions Within A Context
  4. GTD & Kanban: Inboxes, Lists, Calendars, Kanbans & Mind Maps Working Together In Harmony
  5. GTD & Kanban: An Example Of It All Coming Together
Getting Things Done Workflow

Getting Things Done Workflow

I am getting value from the changes I have made to how I work, yet still experimenting to improve.  Any suggestions or questions, please do comment or email in the interest of moving all of our understanding forward.

Jim BensonGTD & Kanban: Series Overview

12 Comments on “GTD & Kanban: Series Overview”

  1. scyldinga

    Sincronicity, that’s it.

    Subscribed to the feed this weekend thinking of incorporating a taskboard to my weekly GTD review.

    The GTD book places some emphasis on Flow (as in mindfulness and being in the Now). My objetive is better focus in the moment using kanban workflow visualizations and WIP.

    So nice to hear from your experiences with integrating GTD + Kanban.

  2. Michael Berman

    Looking forward to these posts–I’ve been a GTD person for several years (with greater or lesser degrees of success) and am intrigued by Kanban, though I have not really gone into any detail in some of Jim’s earlier posts yet to see if I think it might work for me.

  3. Paul Eastabrook

    scyldinga & Michael – new posts coming soon. Would be great to get some feedback on the patterns we will talk about.



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  6. Rob Atkinson

    The question remains ‘who’s’ perspective are we talking about, personal or managerial? I think GTD is about doing more with less (effort), but then more work get’s poured on to you by becoming more efficient.. I’ve been a GTD guy for decades and have honed my skills through empirical experience. I think GTD is more about changing a person’s mindset. I’d like to see GTD applied to union practices, like say SIPTU, in Ireland ;-}

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  11. Moe

    Stumbled upon your website and specially this article, a litte late – I know.

    But anyway great work and good source of inspiration!

    Wondering if the series has ever been continued since I really liked part 1 & 2 and I am very eager to read parts 3 to 5 especially…

    1. Amund

      Me too! I’ve been using GTD for a long time but love the visual organization of the Kanban board. Will the three last pieces ever be written?

      Is there something about this in the book, by the way?

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