Five Years of Personal Kanban | Travel, Exploration, and Learning

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It’s been 5 wonderful years since Tonianne and I released the Personal Kanban book.

The people we’ve met, the problems we’ve helped solve, the boards we’ve seen have been amazing. Every problem we’ve seen has had unique bits and predictable bits. What’s been fun is learning what are those really predictable parts, what parts seem predictable, and what is novel.

We’ve learned a lot since we started Modus Cooperandi and since we launched the book. Why we make certain decisions, why we focus on some things and not others, why we are so easily distracted, what systems actually help us create quality work and finish.

This year we’ve launched a new webinar series and an online Personal Kanban class that extends what was in the book.  Why an online class and not another book? Because we’ve found that human contact and short bursts of information mean a lot when adults are learning.

We hope to see you there and thank you for five years of Personal Kanban awesome!

Jim BensonFive Years of Personal Kanban | Travel, Exploration, and Learning

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