Getting MicroTasks Done: On Nitpicking

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You know, that one email or refilling the coffee maker or asking Susan if she got ahold of your new client?

Those are little interruptions we put upon ourselves. We’ll be working along and somewhere in the back of our brain they become louder and louder until we stop what we are doing and get them out of our hair.

The nitpicky little tasks do need to be done and you’ll never put them on a Personal Kanban, there’s too many of them and doing them takes as long to make the sticky and the task does to complete.

So why not set aside time for them. Create a “nitpicky” sticky and when you pull it, do all of those things as a block – as a pomodoro or two. They will come with copious context switching, so make sure you take a little time off afterwards to recuperate.

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Jim BensonGetting MicroTasks Done: On Nitpicking

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