Do Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?

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What to do with meetings? They happen all the time, they take up time, they sure seem like work. But putting every meeting on a Personal Kanban would be onerous and annoying. (video about this is below)

So the answer is a qualified no. Or a qualified yes.

Your Personal Kanban has several roles in your life. The first is to let you know what you need to do. A close second is letting others know.

So meetings will appear on your Personal Kanban if:

  • you need to prepare for them;
  • they are stressful and you can’t stop thinking about them;
  • they will take up a lot of time (like 3 or 4 hours); or
  • people on your team need to know.

Regular staff meetings or ad hoc meetings are part of other tasks usually and don’t get called out specifically on the board.

By the way, I was originally asked this on Stack Exchange. If you have any questions about Personal Kanban, please let us know.


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Jim BensonDo Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?

One Comment on ““Do Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?”

  1. Paul

    Thanks for this. I always glibly tossed out “that’s what calendars are for” and I never put a meeting on my Kanbanery board. My reasoning was that the board is where you pull from options, but meetings aren’t optional and they’re not pulled. A meeting is a task pushed on you.

    But your answer makes more sense. Essentially, you seem to be saying that meetings should go on your personal kanban board if that helps you, and not if it doesn’t.

    Clearly, I still have a few dogmatic pockets to expunge from my thinking.

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