How Do You Handle Daily Tasks?

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Daily tasks confound people.  How do I put them in my Personal Kanban? How do I visualize work that I do every day?  Many people actually make new tickets each morning and move them into Done during the day, adding to the monotony-not learning from it. Someone on Quora recently asked how to deal with ‘Dailies’.  Here is my response: … Read More

Jim BensonHow Do You Handle Daily Tasks?

Do More Things Right

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I love to cook.  When I make good food and share it with others, they will take a bite and look as excited to eat it as I was to create it.  They might not understand the subtleties that went into it, but they understand the product. Satisfied eater, satisfied chef. When we do something and are happy with it, … Read More

Jim BensonDo More Things Right

Learning to Climb: Metacognition is Freedom

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Human beings are good at placing roadblocks to success and building plans that cannot be followed. We tend to fall back on our “common sense” or “snap judgement” which often makes us feel like our cavalier decisions were actually thought-out.  Yet, time and again, we find ourselves in deadline crunches, worried about upset customers, or angry with others because we … Read More

Jim BensonLearning to Climb: Metacognition is Freedom

Work Not Chosen

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“What if there’s a task in my options column that just never moves?” This question comes up in almost every class we teach. And we ask, “What if that happens?” We get answers like, “You have to make time for it” or “We need to find out why we didn’t start it.” Maybe.  Maybe that was something really important and … Read More

Jim BensonWork Not Chosen

What? You Say You Have Too Many Projects and Can’t Limit WIP?

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Tonianne and I run the Personal Kanban, Modus Institute, Modus Cooperandi Corp-o-plex pretty much duo-handed. There’s a lot of work. The rules of Personal Kanban apply to us too. We are constantly experimenting with new ways to visualize our work and limit our Work-in-Process. Right now, we have five proposals out, are discussing potential work with four other organizations, are … Read More

Jim BensonWhat? You Say You Have Too Many Projects and Can’t Limit WIP?

A Christmas Story of Care, Family, and Healing

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The holidays are wonderful times, but also difficult ones. I was interviewing Deb McGee, a client, colleague, and friend about how our time spent working with her team went. At the end, she turned the interview to the fully “personal” side of Personal Kanban. During a holiday season, Deb suffered a profound personal loss, but was determined to give her … Read More

Jim BensonA Christmas Story of Care, Family, and Healing

For Context, Clarity, & Continuous Improvement, Get Rid of That To-Do List

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Make list. Become overwhelmed. Cross off low-hanging fruit. Feel good (momentarily). Tackle next easiest task. Repeat. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But why simply optimize for productivity, when you can shoot for effectiveness? Those seemingly interminable, anxiety-inducing to-do lists – we’ve all been beholden to them. But if context, clarity, and continuous improvement are what you’re looking for, there just might … Read More

TonianneFor Context, Clarity, & Continuous Improvement, Get Rid of That To-Do List