Recursive Kanban – A Visual Control for Rapid Knowledge Work

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A visual control is anything that allows a group to see their progress, and understand its relative importance. To be sure, a kanban is a visual control, but there are nevertheless some limitations to it.  The biggest limitation to a kanban is that it is linear.  Work, especially knowledge work, is not always linear. At a recent WriteShop Tonianne and … Read More

Jim BensonRecursive Kanban – A Visual Control for Rapid Knowledge Work

Cards are Conversations

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The whole point of having a visual control is to extract information from it quickly.  In this respect, the personal kanban is much like a geographic map. Geographic maps convey more than merely the physical environment, they show us things like political, historic, organizational characteristics – both real and imagined spatial constraints – which give locations their context. Similarly, the … Read More

Jim BensonCards are Conversations

The Cumulative Flow Diagram – Metrics in Personal Kanban

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This post discusses the most powerful – but perhaps most intimidating – technique. In upcoming posts we’ll look as some less intense methods,  so don’t let this post scare you. In kanban for software design, a “cumulative flow diagram” is used to track performance. A big part of the cumulative flow diagram is its ability to visualize how close you … Read More

Jim BensonThe Cumulative Flow Diagram – Metrics in Personal Kanban

GTD & Kanban: Series Overview

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For a long time I have been a Getting Things Done (GTD) advocate in both my personal and professional life, starting from the basics and working my way up to a full blown implementation in various paper and electronic forms over the years.  GTD has been a huge help, yet I have always felt there is something missing in my … Read More

Jim BensonGTD & Kanban: Series Overview

Making Waste Explicit

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Noticing waste serves no purpose. Understanding it does. Whether we seek to manage waste or attempt to eliminate it entirely, we need to know how much of it exists and what form it takes – what’s its volume, its shape, its weight.  So we monitor it. We watch it. We learn from how it grows, how it spreads, and what its … Read More

Jim BensonMaking Waste Explicit

Why Retrospectives?

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In both Agile and Lean management there are points called “retrospectives,” regular and ritualized moments where a team stops to reflect. Checking processes for only a few minutes lets you re-orient the course of your work. These retrospectives allow a team the opportunity not only to celebrate or bemoan accomplishments or setbacks, but likewise to serve as a constructive way to create … Read More

Jim BensonWhy Retrospectives?