Visualizing Interactions in Complicated Work

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When we look at a Personal Kanban, its simplicity belies its power. Visualizing our work as individuals and as teams and even as teams of teams creates trust, reliability, and understanding. When we want to co-ordinate work, these are serious prerequisites. The image above is from a construction trailer, they are engaged in a Lean Construction exercise known as a … Read More

Jim BensonVisualizing Interactions in Complicated Work

5 Ways to Focus and Finish

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Focusing on our most important work (so that we can get it out the door and create value) is hard. It’s harder still when work suddenly picks up, is unfamiliar, or arrives with immediate deadlines when we are already busy. The tyranny of the urgent often distracts us from what is truly important. We lose focus on the important and … Read More

Jim Benson5 Ways to Focus and Finish

Prioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

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Prioritization is stressful. We find ourselves prematurely making value decisions about what to pull and when (right now!) In our Gold Call* this week, one of the attendees asked “How can I prioritize my work when there is no clear priority? Everything seems equally important?” This is a deeper issue that simply being indifferent…we are constantly worried (like stressed) about … Read More

Jim BensonPrioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

The Overhead of Overwork

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In her post yesterday, Tonianne talked about Limiting Work-in-Progress to help achieve focus. We have to limit our WIP on purpose because we do not limit it naturally. We naturally assume too much work. We naturally overload ourselves. This means we naturally overload others as well. When we visualize our work, we quickly see that there is too much. Strangely … Read More

Jim BensonThe Overhead of Overwork

Personal Kanban and Micromanagement

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At one time or another we’ve all lost faith in a process and reacted by wanting to keep track of every detail. We want to make sure it gets done right. We want to make sure that we and others don’t look bad. That person micromanaging you is no different. They have lost faith in a process they can’t see. … Read More

Jim BensonPersonal Kanban and Micromanagement

Capacity: It’s a Matter of Content…and Context

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Envision This: You’re heading to a cabin in the mountains for a week-long getaway with your family. Your car is in the shop so you schedule a rental to be delivered. In addition to six bags of groceries, a box of pots/pans/utensils, and a cooler full of water, your four children each pack a suitcase; your wife packs three, your … Read More

TonianneCapacity: It’s a Matter of Content…and Context

Five Years of Personal Kanban | Travel, Exploration, and Learning

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It’s been 5 wonderful years since Tonianne and I released the Personal Kanban book. The people we’ve met, the problems we’ve helped solve, the boards we’ve seen have been amazing. Every problem we’ve seen has had unique bits and predictable bits. What’s been fun is learning what are those really predictable parts, what parts seem predictable, and what is novel. … Read More

Jim BensonFive Years of Personal Kanban | Travel, Exploration, and Learning

Take the RealWIP Test

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If you are already using Personal Kanban or another kanban system, you are likely at least thinking about limiting your work-in-progress (WIP). You are likely finding that challenging. We know that the more work we take on, the more our brains’ resources are taxed. That tax limits our ability to focus, to process, and to complete quality work. We want … Read More

Jim BensonTake the RealWIP Test

Text a Task Card to Your Kanban in LeanKit using Twilio and Zapier

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Today, I’ll show you how to set up your LeanKit/Zapier integration with Twilio, so that you can create a new LeanKit card by sending an SMS (Text) Message from your phone. First, you’ll need an account with Twilio, a popular programmable voice and SMS Service. Go to, and sign up for a new, free account. After you create your … Read More

Jim BensonText a Task Card to Your Kanban in LeanKit using Twilio and Zapier

Integrating Your Personal Kanban with Campfire in LeanKit using Zapier

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Does your team use Campfire? Ever wish you could just create a LeanKit card from the Campfire chat window, just by typing in a simple command?   This integration between Campfire and LeanKit, via, will let you do just that. In your Zapier account, create a new Zap, using the Campfire “New Message” trigger and the LeanKit “New-Add Card” action. … Read More

Jim BensonIntegrating Your Personal Kanban with Campfire in LeanKit using Zapier