READY COLUMN: Breaking Out Projects

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Lots of tickets in our READY column make a jumbled mess. We’re not sure how close we are to completion or what ticket to pull next, Breaking your work into projects in the READY column lets you see both. You can sequence work (pull the rightmost ticket), see how many tickets are left in the project, and see what projects … Read More

Jim BensonREADY COLUMN: Breaking Out Projects

READY COLUMN: Ticket Aging

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In our last post, we discussed a NEW STUFF column. In this post, we are being even more explicit, noting in our Personal Kanban how old tickets on the board are. We have seen, even on our own boards, that tickets can linger on the board for six months, eight months, even a year! That’s simply too much time. What … Read More

Jim BensonREADY COLUMN: Ticket Aging

THE NEW STUFF COLUMN: What’s Just Come in?

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Is your READY column filling up with tasks? Is it hard to figure out what’s new, what’s important, and what’s aging? One option to deal with this is a NEW STUFF column. This column holds exactly what it says: New work that has come in over the last few days. As new work comes in, simply place those tickets in … Read More

Jim BensonTHE NEW STUFF COLUMN: What’s Just Come in?

PROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

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When we get overloaded, it is very easy to promise people work and then under-deliver. Promises are tricky, they bring with them social costs as well as costs for time and effort. When I promise something to you personally, I am putting myself on the line. I am telling you, “because you are important to me, I will do this … Read More

Jim BensonPROMISES COLUMN: Make Good on Your Promises

DONE COLUMN: Daily / Weekly Review

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“When do I get tickets out of my DONE column?” People often allow their DONE column to get so full of work that it becomes useless – a huge pile of completed work. There are so many tickets in there, you no longer know what happened. If we’d like to encourage ourselves to empty the board weekly and get some … Read More

Jim BensonDONE COLUMN: Daily / Weekly Review

DONE COLUMN: How Does Your Work Make You Feel?

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When we work, we spend our most precious resources: our time, our energy, and our emotion. Each task we complete takes a little bit of us and we’d like to think that time was not only productive, but impactful. But we are so busy, so distracted, so overwhelmed that we finish one task and move right on to the next. … Read More

Jim BensonDONE COLUMN: How Does Your Work Make You Feel?

Kanban Seder

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Last week my wife and I hosted a Passover Seder. We have entertained together a number of times, but this was the first real attempt at a coordinated, sit-down meal. Most of our gatherings have been buffets, and less dependent on timing. We knew getting the timing of the Seder right would be a challenge. The meal is served in … Read More

Jim BensonKanban Seder

Limiting Holiday WIP with Personal Kanban

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I’m asked on a regular basis how Agile or Lean practices can be applied during the holidays. Let’s face it, we have a limited amount of time and todo lists as long as our arms. Truth be told, people have limited success using the ever-growing todo list. You either forget your list at home, you take on too much at … Read More

Jim BensonLimiting Holiday WIP with Personal Kanban

HOW TO: Limit WIP #7: Understand Your Customers

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In this series, we’ve been discussing the psychology of your work, the sized of tasks, how we complete certain types of tasks, and who / what might interrupt us. Perhaps it’s time to understand the consumers of our tasks: our customers. When we do something, even if it is simply relaxing, there is a potential beneficiary of that task. We … Read More

Jim BensonHOW TO: Limit WIP #7: Understand Your Customers

HOW TO: Limit WIP #6: Count The Bosses–Show the Work

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It’s hard to limit your work-in-progress when your boss count exceeds your WIP limit. If you have a WIP Limit of 3 and 12 bosses, you may as well have one card permanently in your Personal Kanban that says, “Negotiate with Bosses”. That sounds funny, but it is true. Your bosses will always require explanations about why you are working … Read More

Jim BensonHOW TO: Limit WIP #6: Count The Bosses–Show the Work