Visualizing Interactions in Complicated Work

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When we look at a Personal Kanban, its simplicity belies its power. Visualizing our work as individuals and as teams and even as teams of teams creates trust, reliability, and understanding. When we want to co-ordinate work, these are serious prerequisites. The image above is from a construction trailer, they are engaged in a Lean Construction exercise known as a … Read More

Jim BensonVisualizing Interactions in Complicated Work

Design: The Status Column

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The Problem: Sometimes we are waiting to hear the status of something. That status could come at any time and from any type of communication (email, phone, mention in the hallway, etc.). But we are waiting. If we wait too long, not knowing will cause us problems – but waiting isn’t a task. We lose track of time and suddenly … Read More

Jim BensonDesign: The Status Column

How Many Options Do You Have?

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The other day I was driving down Point Brown Road in Ocean Shores, Washington. Ocean Shores is a small town with almost no economic base. If you live there you are likely a retiree or work in one of the restaurants or hotels that serve the tourists. The Internet in Ocean Shores is anemic, but it does exist. Yet, when … Read More

Jim BensonHow Many Options Do You Have?

Finding Our Own Value – Growing By Understanding

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There are those days where your Personal Kanban is on fire. You are in a state of flow and tickets are just moving right along. The days go by and you look at your DONE column … it’s full. Really really full. The DONE tickets seem to swim. There are so many of them. You’ve been productive, but what might … Read More

Jim BensonFinding Our Own Value – Growing By Understanding

Prioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

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Prioritization is stressful. We find ourselves prematurely making value decisions about what to pull and when (right now!) In our Gold Call* this week, one of the attendees asked “How can I prioritize my work when there is no clear priority? Everything seems equally important?” This is a deeper issue that simply being indifferent…we are constantly worried (like stressed) about … Read More

Jim BensonPrioritization: How to Prioritize when there is no Priority (Video One)

Do Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?

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What to do with meetings? They happen all the time, they take up time, they sure seem like work. But putting every meeting on a Personal Kanban would be onerous and annoying. (video about this is below) So the answer is a qualified no. Or a qualified yes. Your Personal Kanban has several roles in your life. The first is … Read More

Jim BensonDo Meetings Go On my Personal Kanban?

Dealing with Cans of Worms

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We are all cursed with “surprises” at work. We come in, sit down, get ready for the day. We select a task to start on and about half way through, it explodes on us. The seemingly simple task now has 30 subtasks all lined up, ready to destroy our day. This is stressful. Since we’re likely already overloaded, this new … Read More

Jim BensonDealing with Cans of Worms

Sleep: Your Workflow’s Most Important Form of Slack

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  It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. ~ John Steinbeck In Personal Kanban, Jim and I discuss how workflow should be optimized for throughput, not capacity. Work shouldn’t “fit” into your day but rather, it should flow. Much like how a freeway grinds … Read More

TonianneSleep: Your Workflow’s Most Important Form of Slack

On Working Intentionally: The “Thinking Ticket”

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  The quality of art is that it makes people who are otherwise always looking outward, turn inward. ~ the Dalai Lama   There’s a certain irony in the fact that knowledge workers are often afforded little time to do what it is they are enlisted to do: think. In an era defined by constant connectivity, information overload, ceaseless distractions, and the … Read More

TonianneOn Working Intentionally: The “Thinking Ticket”

Pattern Matching: Use Your Personal Kanban to See What is Really Happening

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I see people setting up their Personal Kanban with one color of post it note and then finding it hard to select their next task or figure out what they’ve done at the end of the week. The strength of Personal Kanban is that it is a visual system. Visual systems rely on visual cues that let us know what … Read More

Jim BensonPattern Matching: Use Your Personal Kanban to See What is Really Happening