Personal-Kanban-PK-Book-Cover-with-Shingo-Emblem_04Endless email, back-to-back meetings, yet another “ten-minute” task (that never – ever – takes just ten minutes). Our days are comprised of a perpetual stream of interruptions and time sinks, we wonder how we can get anything accomplished in the 24 hours we are given.

Overloaded and distracted, stressed to the point of burn-out, we are constantly busy yet seldom feel we’re in control of our time. Perhaps if our priorities and their trade-offs were more obvious, we’d be able to focus more, stress less, and finally get something done.

With just two simple rules, Personal Kanban helps us choose the right work at the right time, allowing us to focus – and finish – with quality.

Visualizing work transforms our conceptual and threatening workload into an actionable, context-sensitive flow. (You see what you are doing.)

Limiting work-in-progress helps us complete what we’ve started and understand the value of our choices. (We cannot do more work than we can handle – choose work wisely!)

With just two simple acts, Personal Kanban gives us clarity over our work and our goals, and the unprecedented ability to deal with distractions, manage expectations, make better decisions, and ultimately strike a healthy equilibrium between our professional, personal, and social lives.

It is a simple, elegant mechanism that helps us manage ourselves, but also lets us share our work, our goals, and our epiphanies with others. It is a visual launch pad to personal effectiveness, spontaneous collaboration, and an integrated life.

Pick up your copy of the best-selling Shingo Award-winning book today and see why students, parents, business leaders, major corporations, and world governments all see immediate results with Personal Kanban.

Personal Kanban is a must read for knowledge workers and their leaders … A realistic and centered approach. Its simplicity is its strength.

Carmen Medina
Dept'y of Intelligence: Central Intelligence Agency (retired)

Personal productivity systems usually fail in practice because of complexity and they don’t reflect the collaborative nature of real work. Personal Kanban provides the simplest structure that could possibly work and lets you achieve a state of flow.

Ross Mayfield
Serial Entrepreneur - Social Text, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Pingpad

Personal Kanban shows you just how revolutionary the technique is, and is a must read for student to senior citizen who wants support to do fantastic work. Personal Kanban is simplistic and will become second nature; not only does it change with you and your life, it will change your life.

Patty Beidleman
Pre-school Teacher, Non-Profit Organizer, Caregiver and Mother
Adam ClarkPersonal Kanban: The Book