Pomodoro Daisuki–Session Based Personal Kanban and Pomodoro

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Today I installed the Pomodoro Daisuki app in Chrome and thought I’d give a quick experience report.

So far today, Tonianne and I have run our entire workday using Pomodoro Daisuki. Yes, it has the usual Pomodoro functionality, but some extra benefits.

Daisuki Kanban Desktop

As you can see here, it comes with the fastest set up, easiest use cardwall tool I think I’ve ever seen. It enforces no WIP limits, but it does give you cards with colored “tape” to quickly set up and distinguish a variety of tasks.

Today, Tonianne and I are editing our next book about using Personal Kanban for Meetings. So we’ve already done a few Pomodoros in the book.

The nice thing here is that when you are in focused productivity mode, you don’t want to move around from application to application. With this, you can easily move the current work to done and then pull in the next task.

Pomodoro Daisuki top line

Pomodoros work as you would expect them. You hit the “Start” button and you get a 25 minute timer. A nice touch is that when you have break time, you can choose between a five and a fifteen minute respite.

The “Show Stats” button is compelling, but in the end it merely shows a count of the Pomodoros you’ve done so far. One can hope that it will have more features in the future.

daisuki restingThe only drawback is that once you start a Pomodoro or a break … you can’t stop! There is no “oops” button. So it treats the Pomodoro timebox a little too religiously. But, because these types of things tend to be fixed over time – I invite you to check the comments below to see if they do, indeed fix this.

Jim BensonPomodoro Daisuki–Session Based Personal Kanban and Pomodoro

12 Comments on “Pomodoro Daisuki–Session Based Personal Kanban and Pomodoro”

  1. PM Hut

    I think Pomodoro is most efficient when used in the following way:

    – 25 minutes of work
    – 3 minute break
    – 25 minutes of work
    – 3 minute break
    – 25 minutes of work
    – 3 minute break
    – 25 minutes of work
    – 20 minute break

    Playing with the above numbers will reduce its efficiency.

  2. Jim Benson

    @PM Hut


    When you take a three minute break, since it’s now a very short amount of time, do you get up and sit down during the break? I’m not being sarcastic, it just honestly seems like a very short and non-intuitive amount of time to get up and stretch and do something.

    Part of why we Pomodoro is to give the brain a rest at the end of a pomodoro and allow short term memories in our brains to be transferred to mid-term memory _and_ to be mindful for a bit. Is this the same for you?


    1. Jim Benson

      @Flavin … I am thrilled to put that comment up. Thanks so much. … but it says “opps”! 🙂

      But I love this bit of the internet. Giving a quick suggestion and having it implemented immediately. Very cool.

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  6. Frank McPenny

    Does anybody know what happened with the pomodoro daisuki app? I´ve been starting to work with it last week, changed from real post-its to virtual ones and now the app is gone and all of my tasks! 🙁

    1. Nathan

      I just found the site and was eager to test pomodoro daisuki but found it’s no longer listed in the Chrome store.


  7. nico66

    I am exploring the PK method and also looked for this under ‘Strict Workflow.’ Was I missing something? I thought the app. would provide a board, cards etc. It seems to be just a timer…
    Any advice out there?

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